Sunbury, Pennsylvania
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STAY FAR AWAY! They are not worth it, they never once told me about their interest & apr rates!

Scam artists & they should be sitting in jail! 830 credit score, they gave me 22k for it which was used for a lay down tanning bed .I DESPERATELY needed the money at the point & they kept prolonging all the paper work & so forth - 22k for one tanning laydown & total cost is 30K so I paid off the rest. I pay $960 a month for the next 55 months! That's $52,800...they gave me $22,000.

I'm giving them $30k back....ARE YOU SERIOUS?

Not worth it, with good credit look into getting a credit line from a big bank like Wells Fargo, better loan terms, & much much better apr & interest. They wont hide anything from you like Pawnee did!

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If you have a chance, please contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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